How can I purchase additional Crayons?

The Crayon Banks are approximately 2 feet tall by 2.5 inches wide.

There is limited space on the label, however, the name/saying is decided by you! Please take a look at the photos to get some creative ideas for your crayon.

Labels are created within 48 hours after the information has been received and then sent in our custom Crayon envelopes by USPS mail.

What can I write on the Crayon Bank?

Check out our etsy store. 

How do I apply a label?

How long does it take to receive a label?

Please contact Emily at for pricing catalogs and information.

How can I purchase Wholesale for my business?

Check out our step by step video to see how easy it is to apply your label.

What are dimensions the Crayon Bank?

​​Personalized Crayon Banks

Designs By Emily A